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For more information: Iafolla ; Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology Ryerson University Research Interests: Immigration and Crime, Urban Communities and Crime, Interpersonal Violence, Homicide, Gender and Crime, Youth Justice, Research Methods, Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law For more information: Jung Assistant Professor, Law and Society York University Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner Research Interests: Sociology of crime, gender and crime, partner/family violence, homicide, dating violence, corporal punishment of children, crime and alcohol use in Russia and post-Soviet countries For more information: Supervisor: Anthony Doob Research Interests: Young offenders, youth justice, youths’ perceptions of the justice system, and social exclusion and crime.

“I am passionate about increasing access to postsecondary education and part of [that] access includes the ease and affordability of getting to campus – the new [station] is a dramatic improvement,” she says. Supervisor: Mariana Valverde Research Interests: Indigenous justice; legal history; the development of legal aid in Canada; the legal profession and colonialism. Supervisor: Scot Wortley Research Interests: the racialization of crime, community-police relations, race and the criminal justice system, counter-narratives, qualitative research methods Email: jt.bundy@mail.Supervisor: Scot Wortley Research Interests: Trauma, PTSD and gang violence; immigration and crime; and mental health and the law. Jauregui Research Interests: Political violence in Venezuela, protest policing and social movements. Matthew Light Research Interests: Policing in authoritarian societies, democratic policing, democracy and authoritarianism, terrorism, counterterrorism, deradicalization/disengagement, international police cooperation, Turkish politics.Supervisor: Mariana Valverde Research Interests: Urban governance, civic participation, place-making, neighbourhood politics, legal geography, society and law Ph. Supervisor: Kelly Hannah-Moffat Research Interests: administrative oversight of law enforcement, complaint and accountability procedures, dispute resolution, bureaucratic governance Email: ji.kwon@mail.Supervisor: Scot Wortley Research Interests: Policing; police use of force; police accountability; criminal justice reform; criminal justice policy; comparative criminal justice Email: erick.laming@mail.Ph. Supervisor: Matthew Light Research Interests: Policing; surveillance; corruption; secrecy; freedom of information law Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner Research Interests: Punishment, prison sociology, rehabilitation and desistance, gender and crime, qualitative methods For more information: Matthew Light Research Interests: The relationship between violence and organised crime; the evolution of violence related to organised crime in the Mexican Drug War. Supervisor: Mariana Valverde Research interests: Land use planning and regulation, law and the aesthetics of the built environment, and the geographies of property For more information: or Ph. Supervisor: Matthew Light Research Interests: Policing, Comparative Criminology, Research Methods, Program Evaluation Supervisor: Matthew Light Research Interests: Money laundering, terrorist financing, legal regulation, risk theory, regulatory compliance, financial literacy, fraud and victimization, social dimensions of law and money.In December, York University will get its own subway station.The 0-million facility is one of six new stops in the Toronto Transit Commission’s Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project, which expands the city’s transit infrastructure into the municipality of Vaughan.

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